Our Vision

Growth, prosperity and determination to keep health benefits for a common man first.

Our Mission

Use the GMP certification to manufacture and bring World Standard Medicines to every nook and corner.

Quality Assurance

Strictly adhere to cGMP regulations, and develop groundbreaking scientific remedies to improve the quality of life.

Your Health,
Our Commitment

RPL is a professionally managed manufacturing house engaged in the Healthcare business. We aim to leverage our long-standing experience and knowledge to fulfill the promise of human potential, in all places, in all aspects, and stages of life.


Tablets are the most common dosage form, intended for oral or sublingual routes of administration. Tablets are made by compressing powdered drug with excipients, an inert substance that helps; to facilitate the manufacturing process, strong binding, dissolution after consumption, and identification.


Capsules are dosage forms in which medicinal drugs and/or inert sustances are enclosed within a small shell or container prepared from a suitable form of gelatin. The gelatin capsule shells can be hard or soft depending upon their formulation.

Oral Liquids

Oral liquids are pourable pharmaceutical formulations of active drug components and inert excipients, dissolved or suspended in a solvent or mixture of solvents. Oral liquids are designed to provide maximum therapeutic response for a target population who experience difficulty swallowing solid dosage forms.

External Preparations

External preparation generally include dosage in the forms of creams, ointments, dusting powders, shampoos etc. External preparations are medicaments which are applied on the affected skin area topically. Drugs in external preparations act on the skin or are absorbed through the skin for a systemic action.