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The Production facility at RPL has got GMP Certification.
All Products manufactured in our Plants are at par with International Quality Standards & GMP norms are followed at each manufacturing process. Production/ Manufacturing is done under highly controlled, fully air-conditioned, hygienic environment.

In RPL, we are manufacturing Tablets, Capsules, Dry Syrups and Liquid Orals.

There are completely separate sections for Beta-lactam and Non-Beta-Lactam products, be it tablets, capsules, dispersible tablets or dry syrups.

All sections are neat & clean & fully hygienic parameters are taken care so that manufacturing staff should get the best working environment. This helps in maintaining good working conditions at work place, which in turn increases the output, reduces wastage, less absenteeism among workers and staff. It also keeps the staff in good shape, physically as well as mentally.

At every department there are double entry doors. Reverse direction flow of air is there at each main door of each department. This keeps every department free from dust & helps in maintaining cleanliness. Each section is properly ventilated & fresh air keeps on circulating. Proper lightening is maintained at each section. This keeps the workers & staff equally alert and active.

Every section has professional supervisors who take utmost care for maintaining the Good Manufacturing Practices at each stage as well as take care of working conditions & human approach, so that workers and staff do feel more comfortable.