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About Us

RPL is professionally managed manufacturing house engaged in the business of Health - Care. In view of our long-standing knowledge experience and excellent rapport with various customers, we are well placed to promote sale of various products to our customers. We have professionalized our approach to fulfill the needs of our customers.

R.P.L. has to its credit GMP and revised Schedule 'M' accreditations. It has strong in-house Quality Control Laboratories equipped with modern equipments such HPLC, IR, UV spectrometer, BOD incubator to test conformity with IP. B.P. & U.S.P. specifications.

Besides having a competitive edge, R.P.L. has a comprehensive product range comprised of tablets, capsules, liquid orals and dry syrups which classify in various therapeutic groups as Antibiotics, Analgesics, Antipyretics, Anti-inflammatories, Anti - diarrhoeals, Anti - histamines, Anti - diabetics and Anti- ulcerants. Our products have been well accepted in various domestic markets and export Markets as well and also R.P.L. has a sizeable niche in hospitals/institutional supplies and catering to institutional outlets such as JIPMER, Pondocherry, DHS & FW Pondocherry, TNMC, DHS & FW West Bengal, to mention a few.

Growth and Prosperity through determination by keeping in mind the health benefits of a common man.

The Company feels proud to have a positive vision as it foresees the Growth and Prosperity of the Company in the Growth and Prosperity of it's Business Associates as well as poor patients.

So the Company wants to share it's Social Responsibility by taking care of ailing community and it's Business Associates equally.
Being a GMP Certified, we want to manufacture & make available World Standard Medicines in the nook and corner & farthest place or villages of India & abroad. In this way, these medicines will enable or rather empower the ailing or suffering people to fight diseases, pain etc. & help them to live longer, healthier and they will enjoy more active and happy lives.

Rather, in a nutshell, they will enjoy not only increased life span quantitatively, but their Quality of Life will also improve upon.
Obsession for the cause with Honesty and Dedication brings success individually to the Company and collectively to it's selling partners. We worked honestly & religiously for the social cause of upliftment of the poors by giving employment opportunities in our factories & by offering good Quality medicines at most affordable rates. We work transparently & expect our selling partners should also work with same passion, dedication & loyalty.
Under Lab Testing we shall not merely discuss the testing of Chemicals or various Chemical Reactions, we shall also tell you how or rather why we got GMP. We have Technically Qualified Professional Team for Quality Assurance & Quality Control. These professionals have dissected & minutely studied each and every step of production processes. They have developed Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.s). They not only developed but also ensure that these procedures (SOPs) are implemented/ followed at each step religiously. TQM (Total Quality Management ) system is followed, which maintains the Product's highest Quality and best results to patients.

Their function starts with the arrival of raw material. The Raw Material as well as Packaging Material is approved or rejected as per respective S.O.P. After it is approved it is shifted to Raw Material Store or Packaging Material Store.

During Manufacturing, at various levels samples are taken & tested as per respective S.O.P., so that a fault if any, should be detected at the early stage. It is rectified, if possible, otherwise, without incurring greater losses at later stages, it is rejected. This not only maintains Good Quality but it also saves monetary losses of labour, raw material, packaging material etc.

After the production is over, the finished goods are tested as per respective S.O.P. Stability studies of Control Samples are also continuously done as per respective S.O.P.

So, around 30 tests/procedures are done for checking & giving final O.K. for releasing of goods in the market & during it's Shelf Life.
To ensure Quality, our Testing Lab/ Quality Assurance, Quality Control Departments are well equipped with almost all the latest, advanced, sophisticated testing apparatuses, equipments like U.V. Spectrophotometer, H.P.L.C., Gas Chromatography(GC) etc.

The Pride & Responsibiilty for Possessing GMP Standards
Merely getting these Certificates are not sufficient. Because this is not a one time test or examination in which one will appear & clear & there is no need to appear again. These standards not only made RPL, proud but also bring in more responsibility of maintaining, sustaining the flag of superior Quality UP, UP & UP......... everyday/ hour/ minute & every second. For this Quality Assurance/ Control people keep on running, sweating, putting in hard work. We are proud of their efforts, teamwork.